Privacy Policy

Last Revision - October 12, 2017

Privacy Policy

Last Revision - October 12, 2017


Selfee Media, LLC is dedicated to protecting all of your personal information and in informing you how we use it. This Privacy Policy applies to all data transmissions, uploads, communications and activity that occurs in Selfee mobile application. Please revise the privacy policy periodically as we can modify it without prior notice. This Privacy Policy was last revised on February 1, 2017. Every time you use Selfee or provide us with information, you are accepting the terms described in this Privacy Policy.

What we collect

To use Selfee and to provide you with the services that you may enjoy, We can collect “Personal Information” (e.i. information that can be used to personally contact you such as name, postal address, Telephone number, credit/debit card number, or email) or “Demographic Information” (e.i.) information that you submit, or that we collect, that is not personal information, which can include without limitation: zip code, city, user name, age, date of birth, search history, user history or registration history. ) We also collect your friend's contact list and your credentials to Access third party platforms f you decide to connect with those user accounts onto Selfee. You represent and warrant that you are authorized to provide us with that contact information.

Demographic information is divided into two types:

“Non-public Information”: which consist of information about the content and services on Selfee and any other communication between yourself and other Selfee Users; and

“Public Information”: which consists of all other demographic information.

It is important that you acknowledge that we do not collect, store, maintain any personal information about persons under 18 years of age. We require that all of our users are at least 18 years of age.  

How we use your personal information

We use your email address and the rest of your personal information to: assist the operations of Selfee in an efficient and effective manner; communicate with you regarding your use of Selfee (including without limiting to confirmation emails or any other communication which may affect your relationship with Selfee); notify you of other user’s information; notify other users of our information; and to contact or suggest possible promotions or services. These communications are known as “operational communications. In some instances, these operational communications may contain paid advertising.

To use Selfee, we can share your personal information with our agents, representatives, Contractors and suppliers so that they can provide us with technical support, email service, customer support, and other operational requirements of running the app. We request from all of our external resources that they do not use your information for any other purpose.

By registering and using Selfee for services offered by third parties within Selfee, you are agreeing that we can share your information with those third parties. These third parties may use your information in the manner which their own privacy policy dictates. You must communicate directly to those third parties to learn about their respective Privacy Policies. You also consent that we use and share your information submitted to a third party in the same way that we have a right to use and share the information that you provide us.

Any third party that we are authorized to share you personal information is authorized to use your personal information in the way and manner that our contract with them acknowledges and in accordance with their own respective privacy policies, which Selfee Media has no control over, and you agree that we are not responsible nor will be responsible to you for the acts or omissions of those third parties. You shall communicate with said third parties and inform them of your preference regarding their use of your personal information.

How we use your demographic information

We reserve the right to examine all of your demographic information. We can use your public information to allow other users to identify you, contact you and to comment about your content. We can also use your demographic information to improve Selfee and all relevant communications that we believe may be of your interest. We can also share your demographic information with advertising agencies or other third parties in an anonymous and aggregated manner (without informing that third party your identity). We do this to improve the services that third parties believe might be of interest t o you. We may share your demographic information anonymously (e.i. we will not reveal which Selfee user belongs to a specific demographics), subject to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. If you decide to provide your demographic information to any third party within Selfee, then that third party may identify which demographic group you belong to.

How to edit your information.

Selfee will provide you with the ability to edit your personal information.  To update your personal information you must press the Profile bottom in the Selfee menu. There you can verify, correct and update your account information.

To protect the integrity of sensitive information, there is certain information that you cannot alter.

Our database will automatically update your personal information after you edit your account, or when you request us to update it. All information communicated through our comment section, blogs or other mediums within Selfee will become the property of Selfee Media.  

Data Storage

To preserve the integrity of our databases, the current industry protocols require us to retain certain information submitted by the user for an indefinite period. By submitting content you are consenting that your information will be stored by Selfee Media for an indeterminate time period if we wished. In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, we will eliminate from our databases any user information that as requested. Also, we will also act to delete the information when a user requests us in writing to delete the information. By using Selfee, you represent and warrant that you understand and agree that the information that you submit in Selfee will become the property of Selfee Media and that Selfee Media can the use it in any form or manner that are consonant with this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Delete account

Selfee will provide you with the opportunity for the user to stop receiving notifications from our affiliates at any time. Selfee will also provide you with the opportunity to remove your information from our databases, to stop all future Communications from us, or to stop receiving our services.

Special Circumstances where we may share your information.

Your personal information may be shared with a third party in the event that the assets or ownership of Selfee Media is transferred or in the case of a bankruptcy. We can also share your personal information when we believe that the law requires its publication, to cooperate with law enforcement or to protect the interest and security of Selfee or any other user. We could also share your public information to any of our subsidiaries, affiliates, or commercial entity that may have a common corporate control among us. We could also share your demographic information anonymously. All entities that have a commercial relationship with us and that receive from us your personal information will be bound to respect and comply with the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy.

Safety Measures

Your user profile is protected by a password that only you and authorized employees of Selfee Media have Access to. If you register using Facebook Connect, then your username and password will be the same username and password as in Facebook. You must protect your password and agree not to share it.  Our team will not proactively contact you and ask you about certain personal information, including the password. If you share your device, you must close your Selfee account and Internet browser after each session and before any other person uses your device. This will help prevent that other person may see your personal information.

Selfee Media will take all reasonable measures to ensure that your information is secured in our computer systems. Selfee Media has dedicated personnel monitoring the Compliance of the privacy policy, along with taking other initiatives to ensure your privacy. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure. Therefore, Selfee Media cannot guarantee that the information that you provide us is secure, and you do so at your own risk.  Selfee Media takes no responsibility and you agree to hold Selfee Media harmless from all liability in the event of an unauthorized publication of your information by third parties onto Selfee.

Selfee has implemented various safety measures designed to protect you in the event of damages due to unauthorized use or alterations to your information under our control. Your information can be transferred or maintain within our computer system that may be located outside of your jurisdiction, including another jurisdiction that does not have similar privacy protections as those found where you live.

Selfee may contain links third party websites. We are not responsible for the security practices of those third party websites. We recommend that you before providing your information to those third party websites, that you become familiar with their privacy policies before using them. This privacy policy only applies to the information gathered by Selfee.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

If at any time we decide to use your personal information that has your identity information in a different manner as the one noticed at the time if was collected, we will notify the user via email or announce said change though a 30-day publication of the change at Selfee. We recommend that you revise the privacy policy periodically. By using Selfee you represent and guarantee that you have read, understand and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions of use. Selfee Media reserves the right to change, without prior notice, as described herein, our Privacy Policy, our practices and the manner in which we use your personal identification, as long as those changes are applied retroactively from the date we collected your information or after the change is put into practice.


If you have any questions regarding this document, Selfee Media’s practices, you can contact us at our support center at