Generating rewards & payouts

On generating rewards and how to receive payouts, here are a few tips from The Selfee App:

1 - You have a period of 7 days to reach your interaction goal, which may be eligible to receive rewards depending on the total number of interactions obtained. After the 7-day period, all additional interactions reached, and or obtained, do not count towards potential payment or reward. 

2 - Though your content may reach the reaction goal eligible for reward or payout, if the content is NOT approved by the Selfee Content Approval Team, you will not receive reward or payout for that content.

3 - You can ask for Payout at any time during the week.  The Selfee payout process commences every Wednesday and will be reflected in your bank account on the Friday of the same week. This may vary by user, depending on any particular situation impeding completion of the process. We suggest you carefully review your information in the payout process form. If you entered the information incorrectly, don’t worry, you can wait until the following week to re-do the payout process with the correct information. Your Payout amount will not be lost.

4 - You can choose when to ask for a Payout. It is not obligatory to do so every week. Your Payout amount can accumulate as you continue to generate rewards on the App.

5 – Unfortunately, Selfee is not responsible for issues which are encountered with specific bank accounts. Please notify us via our inbox of any complications you encounter with your payout, so we can assess the situation and fix accordingly. 

6 – Selfee may change its Payout procedures from time to time. When we do, we will always notify you, our users.

Thank you for being part of The Selfee App, and you enjoy your Payouts soon!

– The Selfee Team