Content Approval Guidelines

At Selfee Media, we encourage our users to follow certain rules, thereby maximizing their earning potential. We have developed these guidelines to educate and assist you in reaching the most lucrative outcome. 

We look for the realness and uniqueness in your Content. Remember your Content will be seen by your social media friends and followers, so before you publish it, ask yourself what would my friends think of this? 

Users that routinely have the best Content are those that create a story that brings along their followers on an experience with a brand. The Content usually contains great product placement, combined with the user’s unique lifestyle experience with the product. Of course, the quality and fidelity of the Content resolution are also important considerations. 

In order to be eligible for compensation, all Content published by a Selfee user must contain a visible product or brand logo. If your content contains additional persons, you must ensure their authorization by inviting them to become users of the Selfee App and agree to the Terms and Conditions before any compensation is approved for said content. 

We encourage you to post only Content that shows you utilizing the participating product in a normal manner. Nobody poses with a stick of butter, so don’t post it. But, if you are cooking with that stick of butter, a picture of that moment would be ideal. 

All Content may be screened by Selfee Media before any compensation is authorized. Approval is dependent on that the Content does not violate the Terms of Use of Selfee Media. Additionally, you will not receive compensation for Content that was taken while driving a vehicle, or if it appears to be repetitive and unoriginal. Nor will you be compensated for publishing Content from another person’s Content, or from media, such as TV, newspapers, billboards, among others. 

Remember, we are looking to compensate you by showing us how you connect with your favorite brands.